There are different ways to stand against something: You can join a powerful movement, you can support a cause, you can write books, take to the streets to protest, or you can decide to paint ! To my opinion, it’s a noble way to portray the society we live in.

It’s exactly what Lupo Sol (*Pedro) is doing ! This figurative painter from Spain is what could be called: a satirical artist. His paintings describe everything wrong with the world today, from everyday scenes to religious & political contradictions.

Spanish circus
Spanish terror,

He is not only talented, he is also really smart ! Using sarcasm as a weapon, is indirect, ingenious & clever. It involves wit, and hence intelligence. It is exactly what he is doing through his paintings.

If you look up “sarcasm” in the dictionary, you will find this definition: “the use of irony to convey contempt”.

Those who know me know that I’m a keen admirer of the German Expressionist painter Otto Dix, for several reasons. He was considered as one of the most satirical modern painters of his time. In his work, he mostly added sharp caricatures into his depictions of leading members of German society.

Some people will say that all art is political in the sense that it engages society in some way. But some works speak more directly to concerns relating to human rights, political corruption, the distribution of class, the inconsistencies of the system … I would say that it depends on the artist, on his life and on the message he wants to deliver.

Lupo Sol, is an engaged artist, who tries to express a point of view by using his art. If you look carefully, you can see that most of his paintings have been influenced by the Expressionist artists of the 20th century (Kirchner, Munch …), but he has his OWN style.

A recognizable style among a hundred others. What I like the most, is the way he uses & mixes bright & brutal colors to paint sad, depressed & disillusioned people. It’s an interesting contrast.

Below you will find an overview of his art. I invite you to discover his universe on his website & to follow him on Instagram

If you like one of his paintings (or more !) do not hesitate to contact him by email, you can buy his art !